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Hair care

I'm currently really disappointed with my hair. I'm a sunbleached natural blonde, which makes my hair sometimes appear dry and brittle.

However, I've always been one of those lucky folks who had silky smooth hair that fell in place just so. People always assumed I blowdryed.

In the last few months, my hair has lost all luster. I've moved to a new area, so I'm less happy. My diet has changed (more bad food, more good food as well, just more food in general). The water quality here is terrible, both for drinking and washing. And, I got a terrible haircut that makes my hair pop up in a way that doesn't look so good anymore.

I was looking around for information on how to make my hair grow healthier and stronger, as well as how to maintain it. One link I found very helpful was:

It lists all the important vitamins! Once again, beauty comes from the inside out, through good hydration and proper vitamins and minerals.

I'm not a product happy person, but one product I've really liked that makes my hair look a lot better is Citre Shine's polish serum. It makes it very shiny (so much so that my 80 year old grandmother will comment about my shiny hair from across the room), and very silky. It seemed to help lessen the severity of my tangles as well!
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